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Online Gambling Promotion FAQ

Online Gambling Promotion is where you, the Affiliate, join forces with us, the Merchant. By showing our partners material on your websites, players will be referred to Online Gambling Promotion from your site via tracked links and banners

How can I join Online Gambling Promotion?

Joining Online Gambling Promotion is easy. CLICK HERE and you will be taken to our registration page. Filling out the form only takes a few moments. Then you are ready to start!

Who can join Online Gambling Promotion?

All affiliates are welcome!

Do I need to have a website to be an affiliate?

No. You can promote our brands online via your web site or with simple text links which you can email to players.

How much does it cost to join Online Gambling Promotion?

Joining Online Gambling Promotion is free - there is no cost involved for you.

How do we calculate payments?

We will pay you a revenue share for the lifetime play of a referred player, Click here to see details of our commission rates.

What are your payment methods?

Online Gambling Promotion allows you to be paid via Moneybookers, Neteller, Paypal, Player account or Wire Transfer.

How often will I be paid?

You will be paid every month, subject to your balance being greater than 50 at the end of the calendar month.

When will I be paid?

We strive to process all payments by the 5th working day of every month.

How long do I keep earning from a referred player of mine?

You will earn revenue from a referred player for as long as he or she plays at our partners. Or said in other words, you will be paid for the lifetime of that player.

What happens if I end a month on negative earnings?

If you happen to have a negative balance at the end of a month, do not worry - you do not have to pay us! We will simply revert the balance back to zero, and the next month can commence as normal.

Does Online Gambling Promotion offer sub-Affiliate Payments?

We are pleased to offer all of our affiliates the chance to refer their affiliate peers. We will pay 5% Rev Share on any player's net win, which has been referred by an affiliate you refer. For example, Affiliate XYZ clicks on your sub-affilite link. He then refers players, whose net win for a given calendar month comes to 1,000. As you referred that affiliate, you would earn 5% on the 1,000. This is in addition to your normal affiliate deal.

How do I view my referred player stats?

You can see a breakdown of your stats by individual tracking code, helping you to optimise your campaigns, and drill-down stats on each player you refer - including the date they signed up, the date they first played, the date they last played, as well as how much they have wagered and the gross win they have produced. This means you can keep track on how each player is performing!

Do I have to earn a certain amount before you can process my payment?

Yes, there is a minimum payment threshold of $50 (or whichever currency you choose to be paid in). If your balance is less than this, it will be carried over to the following month.